Chemical Peels


Exfoliate & Brighten

This chemical exfoliation works by loosening and removing the outer layers of dead skin cells to reveal new cells that are brighter, clearer, and more radiant.



Superficial Peel 30min Treatment

KB will custom select a peel from her arsenal to suit your individual needs. This peel has no downtime! To avoid an adverse reaction refrain from sweating/working out for 48 hours post. Includes cleansing, prep, peel, and finishing products

Superficial Peel + Facial 60min Treatment

Includes prep, peel, extractions, high frequency, mask, finishing products

Superficial Peel + Dermaplane 45min Treatment

Includes prep, Dermaplane, peel, and finishing products

Superficial Peel + Dermaplane + Facial 60min Treatment

Includes prep, Dermaplane, peel, extractions, high frequency, mask, and finishing products

Medical Grade Peel 30min Treatment

For established clients, must be pre-prepped and on KB’s prescribed home care products to schedule. A custom selected peel from KB’s arsenal to address your individual skin concerns and conditions. Cleansing, Peel Prep, Peel, High Frequency, Finishing Products, Post Peel Kit and Post Peel Care Instructions Included.

Disclaimer: No heat/sweating for 48 hours post peel.
Client's MAY experience downtime (ranging from mild-moderate flaking/peeling/sheeting) peeling generally starts 48 hours post-peel and may last anywhere from 3-10 days.

Body Peels Treatment Time Varies

Just like your face, your body needs care, too!
Chemical peels for the body will even out discoloration while smoothing and brightening the skin, they are an excellent choice for treating rough, dry, sun damaged, discolored or acne-prone skin. Chemical peel acids KB may choose for you are glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), mandelic acid, vitamin A, kojic acid or a blend of acids.

Please note: Many factors are taken into consideration to determine the best peel for you on the day of your appointment, such as your current skin condition, skin concerns, desired downtime and lifestyle factors.

PRX-T33 Unicorn Treatment 30min Treatment

A 33% TCA, Kogic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide "peel". No down time, no damage to the epidermis, non photo sensitizing. For all skin tones and conditions. Fibroblast tightening, correct scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, acne and more! Peel only or add on nanoneedle or microneedling & LED