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I am so excited to be apart of your skincare success story! I can't wait to show you the difference that complete and ethical care can make.


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Anyone can perform a skincare treatment, but no one will be more dedicated to your success. Beyond just a facial, I provide a skincare concept. Integrating education along with at home and in clinic treatment plans that are individualized, goal oriented and rooted in integrity. Because I truly believe the best gift you can give is empowering others with confidence.

Thank you for your trust, together were going to make you glow from the inside out!

facial mask skincare esthetics
facial mask skincare esthetics

Client Testimonials

"I have never had such an incredible facial before! KAITLIN IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS -- WOW!!! She was SO kind, incredibly knowledgeable, and really took the time to get to know me, know my needs and goals, and really help me determine what I need to do to get my best glowing skin. I felt like I could really trust her with all of my questions. She wasn't trying to push me into buying any products, she was so genuine and dang, my face has never look so good! Like my skin is radiant and I have been getting compliments (on all my zoom and facetime calls since we are now stuck in quarantine thanks to corona). I legit can't wait to get back to for another facial with Kaitlin. She truly is a magician and I can't speak highly enough of her!"

- Michele D

"Kaitlin did an EXCELLENT treatment for me recently. She was above and beyond meticulous, thorough, and patient. Plus she had a pleasant, professional manner, keeping me calm and comfortable during the treatment. I so appreciate the services she gave me and can highly recommend this to others. The quality of the client focus and attention to detail throughout is impressive"

- Julie C.

"the first esthetician who made an action plan to combat my acne, researched all of my makeup products and skin care products to find out the ingredients, and wrote me a prescription of products and vitamins I could take. It was so great being heard and knowing that this doesn't have to be my life or my face. I will definitely be coming back very soon!"

- Brittney S.

"Best facial in dc, hands down.  I now live in SE dc and still make the trek because I love her so much.  A few words about kaitlin the esthetician.  I would go see her every month if I could.  She is knowledgeable about skin, very thorough in her facials and you feel completely rejuvenated after seeing her.  I wouldn’t go to anyone else, adore her.  Going to get my first chemical peel from her in new year."

- Desiree H.

"I got my facial from Kaitlin. She actually examined my skin before treating me. She also followed up with me after I left and checked all of my products for irritants! This shows that she actually cared about my skin outside of the spa."

- Natalie W.